Race Day Information

Fox Valley Off Road Series and Trials Information


ALL events Have FLY contingency!

Click Here for Hare Scramble Race Day Schedule

 We are Closed to open (play) riding on days we hold events.

Hare Scrambles

Dates: May 3rd, June 21st, July 19th,

Aug 16th D17 Bonus,

Oct. 4th (Geneseo WFO race will be Fox Valley Points!)

October 18 Series final!

Special Notes:

 August 16th D17 Bonus Points.  Ktm and Husqvarna Contingency

October 18th WFO points co-sanctioned.

Gran Prix Race Dates:

Trials Event: Date:

May 2nd, July 5th, October 17th

Trials July 5th Dual event day with GP.

  Gate fee 10.00

  12 & under  free.   

 Prices for race fee entry are on the schedule.

 NO PIT BIKES   NO Pit ATV's     NO GOLF CARTS,  NO pit riding on race days.  Thank You!!  

Fox Valley Off Road Series

  Event Information
Directions Click here 1952 N 35th Rd Wedron IL, (Ottawa address) this is NOT a mailing address
815.539.9021 (home number)     
Event day number  815.431.9913 
Sign up forms here Sign up is fast and simple, fill out this form online here, print it and bring it with you.  in fact do ALL these for there year.  Keep them in the truck!  It's what we do with the races we attend!

If you live in the geographical area of AMA District 17 you will have to have a District membership to participate. There are one day memberships or full memberships available at sign up.

Hare Scramble Sign up Form Grand Prix Sign up Form
Hare Scrambles Race Order Gran Prix Race Order See below

9 events total 8 count,  6 Hare Scrambles ! 


9 events total 8 count, 3 Gran Prixs!

Hare Scramble Day Information

Gran Prix Race Day Information

Saturday night the gates will be open if you wish to come early. 

You will have to   Sign in (office) and pay a gate fee for

 Sunday before you enter the park.  We close the gates at 10pm.

 If you arrive after 11 you will have to stay in the driveway til morning.

 No Open Camp fires must use container!

Sunday sign up will open 7:00 am.  Sign up closes 30 minutes prior to class start. (will not hold start), we need this time to get the computers ready to score. We will not let one rider hold up the whole days programs. Please note if you are late, ask riders in line ahead of you if you can go ahead....

 Please use your district assigned number.

Click Here for Hare Scramble Race Day Schedule


Make sure to bring your helmet / transponder to sign up to test it and make sure it is working correctly every race. Cost for a transponder strip is 10.00 and they last multiple years.

Race scoring is live on the internet the day of the event.

AA class is purse (100%) + Plaque

We will be awarding Plaques in all classes. Plaques for all 50cc riders. 50% awards for all other classes. 10th place maximum.

All 5 races will  count towards overall awards to given out at year end play day.

GP races will be a bonus (10) points  race and part of the HS overall series....

 GP sign up opens at 8:00am  Practice at 10am

 Gate fee 10.00       12 & under   free. 

All classes 25.00

 Practice will consist of 2 laps.

Riders meeting on the starting line before practice.

1. Big Bikes Practice
2.  Mini youth Women practice
  First Moto will follow directly after practice.
  Race Order 
1. A / B /  40+ A 40+ B/C*
2. Super mini-85cc/Women/ 65cc
3. 14-29 / 30+A 30+ B/C*
4. C  / Vintage/ Thumper
5.  122- Open / 50+A 50+ B/C*
* races together scored separate for our series. combined for d17.

Gran Prix Awards

All classes 50% +1, top ten max.