Fox Valley Off Road Hare Scramble Series    

  Round 4 Results 9-22-2013  

  Email me wardy@ mtco.com with any questions. Hope everyone liked the live timing.

 Please remember until it's reviewed for hot laps or long laps it's not official til it's posted at the office after the event.  We will learn how to update the final score online before the next event as this is still showing some incorrect times and overalls at this time. 

 Race Timer Systems

Morning Big Bike Scores Afternoon Bikes Overall ATV Overall Youth Overall big course  
50+ A 50+ B 30+ C 98-200C 201-OpenC
40+ A 40+ B 30+ A 30+ B 50 Sr
Vintage Women 65 Beginner 65cc 85cc
50 Jr Super Mini 98-250 B AA 98-Open A
251-Open B 4-Wheel Utility 4-Wheel A 4-Wheel B 4-Wheel C
4-Wheel 30 A/B Thumper