Riding Park Information

General Riding Information

815.431.9913 or our home number 815.539.9021

e mail us at wardy@ mtco.com (take out green space after the @  sign.

Directions & Address:  1952 N 35th Road Ottawa, IL 61350

Take Interstate 80 to Route 23 (Ottawa). Then take route 23 North 4 miles til you get to Wedron Road. Then turn right and go east for another 2 miles til you get to the entrance on the right hand side of the road. We are located on the south side of the road and its a long  lane. There is a sign at the entrance of the park.     Click here for Map!



Fox Valley Hours. updated: 3-3-2018

Spring Hours will be announced soon!

Check home page.

Remember to always check the homepage first.

Hours on home page override this page.  Park Conditions on that page as well.

Any weekday by appointment. Call or better yet email us if you have a group that wants to ride.

 Closed to Open Riding on Race days. and adventure run weekends.

 Get a group of riders together for ANY week day, we could open up for you. Please give us a day lead time.
 ALL Holiday Mondays we are normally open Check the home page for that information.

ALL Special days and Holidays will always be announced on the website's home page at the top.

 ALL Vehicles must be out of parking lot as gates close at 30 minutes after closing time.

Bad Weather Hours:

We have started closing more often due to wet conditions.  It simply is been to damaging to the park.  Riding in the mud maybe "fun" but the park is going on 17 years now, and it's taking a toll.  We have to be diligent about this and will be in the future. We will post on the website and face book if we close due to weather. We also have started to refuse to allow atv's with swamp/mudder tires to ride here on wet / rainy days. If you have an ATV made for muddin, we have decided that it's not for us on days like that.

On ANY open day, if no one shows up to ride by noon, we may close for the rest of that day. (this usually happens in the winter or bad weather days). Phone calls to have the staff  "wait," will only happen if you show up on the time agreed upon, if not we will close. It doesn't hurt to call us at our home office number let us know also.  Sign up for our text blast if the weather turns bad we will send one out to keep you informed.

Riding Fees:

 Adult Riders 14 yrs and older 25.00   Riders age 9-13 yrs 20.00    Riders age 4-8yrs 15.00

We do not require "membership" fees to open ride. We also don't charge for spectators.

Sorry we do NOT have machines to rent and we don't have the ability to accept credit cards.......

Non Riding Participants are free. "Spectator or non rider" means they do not ride.

 ALL persons entering the park must sign a Liability Waiver, no exceptions. To save time, print waiver on the home page, read it completely, and fill it out before you come out. It will make signing up that first time a breeze.

Fox Valley Off Road  Rules: 

 ALL persons entering the park must sign liability waiver (riding or not!). All riders must READ & SIGN risk liability waivers and all minors under the age of 18 must have parent signatures.  Also if the Parents can't attend THEN they must sign a waiver for another adult to supervise (act as guardian) to their children, (this release must be notarized) and of course parent's & /or guardians must stay there in person the whole time the minor rider is there or riding.

 Click Here for all needed Forms.

  • Fox Valley Off  Road is open for Motorcycles & 4-Wheel ATVs ONLY.

  •  No  AGV's, Jeeps, Trucks, Odysseys, Rhinos, Pilots, Go Karts, Snowmobiles, or Three Wheelers.

  •  NO PASSENGERS! (Double Riders) 

Stuck in the Mud?

If you are looking for deep mud, we don't offer that.  If you get stuck and we have to pull you out with our tractor or skid loader, first time is free.  Second time we have to pull you out it will cost you $25.00.  Third time we have to pull you out, we will escort you to the gate.  We don't promote this and usually these riders are stuck in areas they shouldn't be in. We rather not have the property tore up in this manner.  This mainly happens with big tire, 4x4 Atv's but this rule is for all riders not just them.


  • When the water truck or tractor on the track no one is allowed to ride on it at the same time

  • Atv's will not knock down trees to widen a single track trail.

  • No unlicensed vehicles signed in at our park are allowed off property on Public Roadways.

  • ALL Machines MUST have a working silencer (keep that packing fresh!). Quiet is fast & cool!  We have a db meter!

  • We expect that riders keep their machines equipped with STOCK or quieter exhaust!

  • We will let you know if the machine is to loud.

  • NO alcohol is allowed of course. (if we catch you with it, you be leaving immediately).

  • NO TENNIS SHOES  You must have leather above the ankle  BOOTS! to ride.

  • Riders: We require helmet, goggles (eye protection), boots, long pants. We highly recommend that all riders wear  Complete safety gear. 

  • We have had issues with riders spinning gravel and or not being courteous in the parking lot. Issues like these may force us to send you home. If we do that you will not be riding at our park the rest of the year or longer.

 ATV Minor riders will have to meet this criteria:

With rider in normal riding position with hands on handlebars, there must be a bend in the elbows, fingers must reach all control levers. When standing on the foot rest or floor boards, there must be a minimum 3 clearance between seat and inseam.

 Riders not meeting this criteria will not be allowed to ride.

 In others words NO KIDS ON BIG MACHINES! this is strictly enforced both ATV's AND Motorcycles!

  •  Currently we have 10-12 miles of  trails. All trails are multi-directional, and un-marked. And we have a SX  Style track. With a watering system. We also have a "kids" only track and area to ride. We also have an enclosed fence area for the first time riders to ride.

  •  We  will water and groom as needed.

  • Trails are for Trail Riding and NOT Practice for HS or Enduro Racing, In short, we expect trail riders to be respectful of each other and to ride as visibility & the trails  allows. ALL pit or parking areas are to ridden in a slow and courteous manner. The fenced area (next to the Parking area) is for the little guys to ride on!

  •  4-Wheel ATV's are recommended to have "nerf" bars and tether kill switch. 



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