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Updated:      11-23-2014 8:30 Am

We are getting what would be called a Mist. Call the park number (9913) at or after 10am for update when we get there. The bulk of the rain looks to be coming in later in the afternoon if the radar is right.

 We plan to be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday Thanksgiving weekend.

But like a gentleman just sent me an email.  and I quote.

"PS: It might be a little chilly, but I heard someone say, "There's really 
no bad weather, just wrong clothes " 
Winter hours 10-4 Sat-Sundays
 we will be open if we have riders.  If no one comes out we may close early.

Hope everyone had a great day we sure enjoy having this event.  ALL types of riders get to play and have a good time.  It's turned into a special time and we plan to make improvements for the future. Thank you!

 Call for latest update. 815-431-9913 on days we are open during open hours!

 Text blast updates send us your cell number and cell provider info.

Lee Ormes' Matco Tools Ironman Series info. posted. Click here!


         wardy@ mtco.com take out the red space to use, best way to contact us is email.  thank you.


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