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Long before and if little ones become racers, they learn the fun, challenge and family time that is shared for generations. Riding is fun! These two had a great day last weekend!  We have some more photos like this from a long time ago which we will share when we find them! 

It's why we do what we do!

Have a great weekend.

Updated:7-22-17 10:30pm   info line: 815.431.9913  

Update:  Saturday Night update

We didn't get any rain today, and sunny most of it.  As you know this place drys very fast.  It will have soft spots no question but the majority of the trail is going to be dry.  When we get into the open areas, by mid morning it will be kicking dust.  No rain in the forecast to later in the day, come out and have a great day of racing!

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Welcoming District 16 riders this weekend for our Combined District 16 & District 17 race!  We are looking forward to a great racing weekend!

 Wednesdays 12-7pm, Fridays 12-6pm Saturday and Sunday 9-5pm.

  Website updates on trail and track conditions Friday and Saturday nights. visit us on facebook

 We don't require membership to ride.  but if you like to race there are membership requirements.

We have started to close the park this year in bad

weather / extremely wet conditions.

The reason is simple. The trails get tore up so badly by a few machines with swamp (aggressive mud) tires etc. We do not allow these machines in wet conditions.  We can't get to those areas to repair them with machines.

This is why it is always a good idea to check the website for details before leaving every time. Please note the website or facebook page is updated regularly the answering machine at the park not so much.

 Ironman Series info. posted.

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Call for latest updates 815.431.9913 or 815.539.9021


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 Just a simple pay and play set up. Click Information/ Rules/ Directions Tab upper right on this page.

We offer two tracks. We also have a kids area.. which is for beginners, this  area specifically for kids to learn the basics.     Trails for all levels of riding abilities.  We are an Motorcycle and ATV riding park.  No Side by Sides or Trucks.

  wardy@ mtco.com take out red space to use, best way to contact us is email. 

 Text blast updates send us your cell number and cell provider info.


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Please Note: We are going to ask for a form to be filled out once a year. We call it the "half sheet" here is the link fill it out to bring with you or fill it out at the park when you come. The reason for this is simple. We had a rider hurt the other day. He was there by himself. Thankfully he wasn't knocked out. We found a glitch in out process as if he had been knocked out, he was alone, from another state, and no one knew him. We have to do better to be able to help riders better. We used to do these forms, and got away from it, we won't let it slide anymore.  thank you for the help in this.  Year Members are exempt. there is no cost for this process. A family riding can just make one form work. ask about that.

 Click button below.  thank you.

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